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Give Me His Last Chance chords - Lionel Cartwright

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(PIANO)  G   D  C     G  
         G   D  Am7   Cadd9

G   D  Am7   C 
G   D  Am    C  (REPEAT)

G            Dsus2   Am7     G
You've given him     so many chances
    F            C            G
and each time he just let you down
               Dsus2  Am7         G
Knowing you'll always forgive and forget
F              C      D       Dsus4  D
just keeps him coming around

Em                       C
You say that this is his last time
    Em                      Cadd9
but I've heard you say that before 
G              Dsus2        Am7         G
He's shown you what kind of love he can give you
    F           C          D     Dsus4  D  Dsus4  D
But you deserve oh so much more


G           D               Am7           C              G     D  Am  C
Give me his last chance and I'll show you what true love means
G          D            Am7           C             G    D  Am  C
He's had a hundred, but one chance is all that I'll need
D/F#                    Am7           G/B
Why bet your heart on a game that you know
F               Am7     Cadd9
You'll never be able to win
G           D           Am7        C        G    D  Am  C (LAST TIME - TO CODA)
Give me his last chance never take chances again


D                           G/B      G
I know the love you've been dying to give
   Am7          C        G
is not the kind you have received
D/F#                       G         Em
Why waste your time on someone who's blind
       Am          C           D     Cadd9
to the love you so desperately need

G   D  Am7   C 
G   D  Am    C   (REPEAT)

G           Dsus2   Am7            G
He'll never know    what he'd been given
  F             C      G
Until it's been taken away
            Dsus2        Am7         G
Unless he's alone in the dark of the night
   F             C            D    Dsus4  D
He can't see the light of the day

   Em                           C
So before you go back, think it over
      Em                       Cadd9
and remember how hard you have tried
G        Dsus2    Am7         G
How many promises has he gone through?
F        C            D     Dsus4  D  Dsus4  D
How many times has he lied? 


G   D  Am7   C 
G   D  Am    C   (REPEAT TWICE)
G   D  Am7   C(add9)


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