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Walk Home Alone 1 chords - Cast Iron Filter

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                Walk Home Alone
By Cast Iron Filter

Capo 2

D  D/E  G

          D           D/E          G
Well, her momma don't work late on Sunday
           D             D/E         G
I hear the gravel up the drive once again
        D           D/E          G 
And her daddy don't work late on Sunday
         Em             A              G 
He ain't worked but two years the past ten

And I can hear her crying in the moonlight
Because nothing is the way it should be
She says baby take my hand and lead me to a promised land
But don't you never ever leave me

          Em                          D
'Cause my life is all tangled and the feeling is gone
       G                         A
Let me cry you a river and we'll ride it along

    D          G        D
But baby, have one last dram
        Bm     A       G
Another bottle for the road
         D             G                   D             G
'Cause I don't want to leave here, But I'm leaving right now
         Em            A          G 
'Cause I don't want to walk home alone
    D              G           D
And baby don't you let me down easy
Bm                A           G
Baby please don't let me down slow
            D                 G                  D            G
'Cause I'll love you till the tomorrow with your breath in my ears
            Em            A              G
and then My heart will be miles down the road

And I'm back to the cities on Monday
And each night the streets, they smell like a beer,
And I sit up at night hoping she'll be alright
Wondering how did I land myself here
'Cause each night in the city's a lifetime
And in the morning the air strikes a chill
But come Friday at eight I'll be on the interstate
Her voice in my mind with hours to kill
And my life is all tangled and the feeling is gone
So I cried us a river and we rode it all along
We took the interstate on Monday to a place we haven't been
Crossed the state line on Sunday, but baby I don't care


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