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It's All Good chords - Charles Esten

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                D-Dsus2-D-Dsus2  x2

D                 F#m
I had a beer with Billy today 
       Bm                     G
Hadn’t seen him in a month or two
        D             F#m
I said “hey Billy Boy what you say 
      Bm                 G
how’s life been treating you?”
                D              F#m
He said “well I got let go and Jenny don’t know 
                 Bm                    G
‘cause I’ve been sitting at this bar instead
        D                        F#m
And I’d tell her right now but I don’t know how”
            Bm             G
And then he took a sip and said

             G     A
But it’s all good
Yeah it’s all good
All that I can do is smile 
      D              D7
all I have is my denial
              G        F#              Bm     E
It’s all gone bad just like I knew it would
             G     A
But it’s all good
It’s all good


He said “enough about me man how ‘bout you 
I been hearin’ you’re doin’ real well
You’re getting married in a month or two 
and you love her everybody can tell”
And I said “Billy that’s right we were thinkin’ we might 
but then she started thinkin’ again
She said that we’re all done and that I’ll find someone
And now I’m just wonderin’ when”


     Bm                   Bm                  D
Everybody knows hey, good times won’t stay forever
    F#                                       Bm
And something comes along to make us feel so sad
    G            G                    D    
But while we all try to keep it all together
E                                     A
Here’s the thing that we all say when everything sucks so bad

It’s all good
Yeah it’s all good
All that we can do is smile 
all we have is or denial
When it goes bad just like we knew it would
So it’s all good
Cause It’s all good

It’s all good
Yeah it’s all good
All that we can do is smile all we have is or denial
When it goes bad well you did the best you could
So it’s all good
‘Cause it’s all good

[Thanks to Dusy B. for tabs]

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Charles Esten
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