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Diamonds chords - Charlie Shafter Band

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                Charlie Shafter Band - Diamonds

Some parts of the lyrics may be off.

Capo 2

Bm - A - G (2x)

   Bm        A      G
You know I just got home
        Bm          A         G
But I can't take a' leaving alone
    A               D          G
So let's go I gotta beat the weather
           A               D        G
And if I'm lucky we could be there together

         Bm             A     G
Get your eyes out of the magazine
   Bm                  A      G
I hope you brought the sun screen
          A              D         G
Cause you ain't got the skin for Mexico
           A             D         G
Yeah, it's quite a long jump from Chicago

            D      A          G
Well, it's a long way to the next town
         D           A           G                     D
And it'd be appreciated if you turn that frown up side down
       A              G
On the rollercoaster you and me
   D             A         G
I wouldn't trade you for diamonds
      Bm - A - G (4x)
Over you

We should stop and get some sigaretts
I think I got the cold sweats
And maybe we could score us a diam bag
This could be the last chance that we'll have

Cause I know a guy that lives here
I haven't seen him in years
But I could call him up here from the payphone
He used to sell some damn good homegrown


Keep your eyes on the mirror
I hope that cop gets off of here
Cause we're carrying now and you can bet
I ain't in a hurry to go back just yet

Chorus (2x) 

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