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Christmas Cookies chords - Christmas

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Christmas Cookies by George Strait
Album: A Country Superstar Christmas - Volume 3
Written by: Aaron Barker

Intro: C  F  D7  C  G  C

Chorus 1:
I sure do like those Christmas cookies sugar
C                                       G
I sure do like those Christmas cookies babe
C                        C7
The ones that look like Santa Claus
F                    D7
Christmas trees and bells and stars
  C                  G                 C
I sure do like those Christmas cookies babe

Verse 1:
Now Christmas cookies are a special treat
The more she bakes the more I eat
    G                               C
And sometimes I can't get myself to stop
Sometimes she'll wait til I'm asleep
And she'll take the ones that I didn't eat
    G                                   C
And put those little sprinkley things on top


Verse 2:
Now those sprinkley things just make things worse
Cause it makes em taste better than they did at first
And they're absolutely impossible to resist
Some disappear to who knows where
But I make sure I get my share
And those kids just stand there waiting for the ones I miss

Chorus 2:
I sure do like those Christmas cookies sugar
I sure do like those Christmas cookies babe
She gets mad if they're all gone
Before she gets the icing put on
I sure do like those Christmas cookies babe

Verse 3:
Now there's a benefit to all of this
That you might have overlooked or missed
So now let me tell you the best part of it all
Every time she sticks another batch in the oven
There's fifteen minutes for some kissin' and huggin'
That's why I eat Christmas cookies all year long

Instrumental:  C  C  C  G  C  C7  F  D7  C  G  C


C   =   x32010
C7  =   x32310
D7  =   xx0212
F   =   133211(bar chord) or xx3211
G   =   320003

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