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She And I chords - Marvin Christy

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                moderate tempo 4/4 time, capo 2

(D) She'd just rturned from (em) paris
(A7) I'd never been out ot (D)Texas
  She spoke softly and (em)cultured
(A7) my lingo's like broken(D)fences but
(bm7) We fit to(A)gether like a(C)glove
yeah(A)we fit together like a (D)glove(D)

(D)She'd read all the old(em)classic
(A)I'd only had eighth grade(D)teaching
None of that seemed to(em)matter
(A)when our hearts took to love(D)seeking for
(bm7)We fit to(A)gether like a (C)glove (C)
(A)We fit to-gether she and (D)I (D7)like the

(G)Wind and the bumble weed the
(D)Hawk and the sky, the
(G)Fish and the water, the(D)how and the why
(bm7)WE FIT TO(A)gether like a (C)Golve(C)yea
(A)We fit to-gether she and (D)I (D) Oh
(A)We fit to-gether she and (D)I  (D)

(D)I"m a creaking old(em)windmill
(A)Shes a fountain in a (D)garden
I"m leathered like my (em)horses
(A)she's soft as early (D)morning but
(bm7)we fit to (A)gether LIKE A(C)GLOVER (C)
(A)we fit to-gether she and (D)I  (D)

(D)when the fire burns to(em) cinders
(A)and drapes cover the (D)windows
In love we're in (em)seperaabke
(A)like two birds of a (D)feather, yeah
(bm7)We fit to(A)gether like a(C)glove (C)
(A)we fit go-gether she and (D)I
(D7)  like the


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Christy Marvin
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