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Life Happened chords - Tammy Cochran

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                Life Happened - Tammy Cochran
Album: Life Happened
Writers: Patrick Jason Matthews/Kerry Kurt Phillips

Intro: A  D  A  D
          A                            Bm7
From the time she was thirteen, Julie Thompson had a dream
      A                                  D
That someday she would see her name in lights
           A                          Bm7
And after every high school play the grown-ups all would say
      A                              D
That Julie's future sure is looking bright
       F#m7             E           D
Well I saw her selling videos at a store in Eastland Mall
       F#m7               E         D
I said why aren't you in Hollywood taking casting calls
Bm7                                     Esus E
She handed me my change and started laughing 

Chorus 1:
And said, life happened
D             E               A
Me and Bobby Chapman fell in love
       D                   E
Daddy passed away and the babies came
    F#m7                       B
And drama school was just too much
                    D               Bm7
Now there's little league and mouths to feed
       D                              Esus E
And I direct a kindergarten Christmas pageant
Life happened

Esus  E

       A                        Bm7
Curtis had an old Chevelle, the cops knew that car well
          A                           D
He never lost a race on Windy Hollow road
        A                                  Bm7
By the time he turned eighteen he was the Georgia dirt track king
         A                         D
Proudly sponsored by the local Texaco
         F#m7         E                   D
I bumped into him at Murphy's bar and he ordered us a round
       F#m7               E          D
I said why aren't you in Rockingham chasing Gordon down
Bm7                                               Esus E
He killed his drink and tore the corners off his napkin

Chorus 2:
And said, life happened 
I was driving home from Athens late one night
A trucker fell asleep and swapped paint with me
Said I rolled that'vette at least five times
Now I thank my stars and I sell used cars
And I teach driver's education at St. Catherine's 
Yeah life happened

B  C#m

I saw the rest of my old friends

At our reunion at the Holiday Inn
        A                  E          A  B C#m
And it seemed like it was only yesterday
Standing in the gym in our cap and gown
Full of wonder, lust and glory bound
       Bm7               C#m                D
We set out to chase our dreams on wings of passion
         Bm7                           Esus  E
But somewhere along the way we got distracted

Chorus 3:
Life happened
Our clothes went out of fashion with our songs
We started families and bought SUV's
Became step dads and soccer moms
I finally realized we turned alright
And we spent the night just catching up and dancing
And life happened
Ends on "A"

A   =   x02220
B   =   x24442(bar chord) or xx4442
Bm7 =   x24232(bar chord) or 797777(bar chord)
C#m =   x46654(bar chord) or xx6654
D   =   xx0232
E   =   022100
Esus=   022200
F#m7=   242222(bar chord)

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