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Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse chords - Bruce Cockburn

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Bruce Cockburn Sheet music
                E / / / C#m7 / / /
F#m9 / / / B7+ / / /

E                    Em9
I was up the road on Easy Street
A7                              D9
Watching everybody stand around and cheat
E                       C#7/#9
Man comes up and says, "Move along,
F#m7                     B9
Back to the corner where you belong"
    A                  B                           E D  E D
But Mama just wants to barrelhouse all night long.

I hear the city singing like a siren choir
Some fool tried to set this town on fire
T.V. preacher screams "Come on along"
I feel like Faye Wray face to face with King Kong.
But Mama just wants to barrelhouse all night long.
Mama just wants to barrelhouse all night long.

Sometimes I wonder what I am
Feel like I'm living in a hologram
Doesn't seem to matter what's right or wrong
Everybody's grabbing and coming on strong
But Mama just wants to barrelhouse all night long.
Mama just wants to barrelhouse all night long.

E       x7645x
C#m7    446454
F#m9    x9799x
B7     7x788x
Em9     x7577x
A7      xx2x2x
D9      x5455x
C#7/#9  x4345x
F#m7    20222x
B9      02122x
A       002220
B       024440
D       x5423x

Bruce Cockburn ChordsBruce Cockburn Lyrics

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