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Memories chords - Cody Riley Band

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Recorded by Cody Riley Band

Intro.:   | (G) / / (D) | (C) | (Em) / / (D/F#) | (G) | x 2

(G) Well, I jumped my (D)truck (C)'cross highway 31
(G) The girls in the back (D)seat, (C)they were comin' undone
(G) The faster I'd go (D)the (C)louder they scream (G) and I spilled Mali-(D)bu (C)Rum on my seat

(G)The memories, (D) (C) yeah man, it's (G)killin' me (D) (C)
Yeah yeah, the (G)memories, (D) (C) yeah man, it's (Em)killin' me (D/F#) (G)

(G) Bourbon whis-(D)key and (C)boone's farm wine, (G) another bullet hole (D)in the (C)city limit sign
(G) We never made plans (D) on (C)Saturday nights, we just (G)did whatever (D)came to (C)mind
(G) Gettin' roads (D) and (C)daddy's girls (G) that preacher's daugh-(D)ter sure (C)rocked my world
(G) Those were the days (D) of (C)my youth, (G) those were the days (D)of my (C)days been confused

Yeah, the (G)memories, (D) (C) yeah man, it (G)killin' me (D) (C)
Yeah, it's the (G)memories, (D) (C) yeah man, it's (Em)killin' me (D/F#) (G)

Inst.:  | (G) / / (D) | (C) | (Em) / / (D/F#) | (G) |
        | (G) / / (D) | (C) | (Em) / / (D/F#) | (G) --- | ---- | (G) --- | ---- |

(G) Still remember that (C)summer rain, (G) sittin there in the (C)camp that day
(G) She was 20, I was (C)17, she was old e-(G)nough to know better, I was too (C)young to care

Inst.:  | (G) / / (D/F#) | (C) |

(G) Love was a word (D)I didn't (C)understand, (G) didn't have no time (D) for (C)all that mess
(G) Bet I missed (D)out on some (C)good romance and (G) I still think a-(D)bout it
(C) I still think about it, (G) I still think about it now

It's the (G)memories, (D) (C) yeah man, it's (G)killin' me (D) (C)
Yeah, it's the (G)memories, (D) (C) yeah man, it's (Em)killin' me (D/F#) (G)
Yeah man, its (G)killin' me (D/F#) (G) -----

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Cody Riley Band
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