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Ellis Island chords - Marc Cohn

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Marc Cohn          Ellis Island  Written by Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn        vocals/acoustic guitar
Larry Campbell   acoustic guitar
John Leventhal   high strung guitar
Jon Brion        harmonium
Jane Scarpentoni cello

Am G F C Am G F C 

Am    G            F         C
I was driving down Ninth Avenue
Am     G       F       C     
As the sky was getting dark
Am     G            F       C
Didn't have nothin' else to do
Am           G         F       C
So I kept on riding to Battery Park
Am            G               F     C
I stepped out in the damp and misty night
Am     G       F       C      
As the fog was rollin' in
Am         G         F          C
Man said, "Last boat leaving tonight
Am              G     F    C
Is the boat for Ellis Island

Am G F C Am G F C

Am    G            F     C
As my feet touched solid ground,
Am       G         F       C
I felt a chill run down my spine
Am      G      F        C
I could almost hear the sound
Am           G       F           C
Of thousands pushing through the lines
Am      G        F     C
Mothers and bewildered wives
Am          G          F      C  
That sailed across the raging sea
Am     G       F         C
Others runnin' for their lives
Am          G  F      C
To the land of opportunity
Am         G     F    C    
Oh down on Ellis Island
Bb                   F
What is this strange paradise
Am                                F
They must've wondered through the cries and moans
Bb             F
After all they sacrificed,
      Gm                     Bb          Am       F C
Their faith, their families, friends and homes
Am          G       F  C
Then on the separation stairs
Am       G                F       C  
They were counted out, or counted in
Am     G         F         C
Frozen while the inspector stared
Am      G     F   C
Down on Ellis Island
Am         G     F   C  
Oh down on Ellis Island
Bb     F    Am      F
Who-o-oh     yea-a-ah
Bb      F      Am F C 
Am       G    F        C
Now me I only stumbled in
Am      G                  F     C
Just to wander around that empty hall
Am             G     F        C
Where someone else's fate had been
Am      G      F       C 
Decided in no time at all
Am    G           F        C
Cases filled with hats and clothes
Am      G                       F         C
And the belongings of those who journeyed far
Am              G         F      C
They're strange reminders I suppose
Am             G        F      C 
Of where we're from and who we are
Am         G           F       C 
But as the boat pulled off the shore
Am      G               F   C
I could see the fog was lifting
Am         G         F    C
And lights I'd never seen before
Am                   G     F    C
Were shining down on Ellis Island
Am              G     F    C
Shining down on Ellis Island

Am G F C Am G F C

From Marc Cohn "Burning the Daze" 
Atlantic Records 1997
Museum Steps Music(ASCAP) 

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