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Tattler chords - Ry Cooder

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                Intro: Fsus4 – F – Fsus2 – F x 4

    F		    Dm       Bb                   F
Whenever you find a man that loves every woman he sees,
        F                   Dm             Bb               Csus4-C
There's always some kind of woman that's a-puttin' him up a tree.
 			       F      Bb              F
Now that kind of man, he ain't got as much sense as a mule.
    Bb							            Csus4/C
You know, everyone don't love you, they're just a-playin' you for a fool

  F       C
Mmmm, oh, no,
	 Bb		      F
It's not hard for you to understand.
     Bb			Dm
True love can be such a sweet harmony
       C	            F
If you do the best that you can.

       F                                     Dm
If you marry the wrong kind of woman and you get where you can't agree,
				              Dm       C/E   Dm	 Bb C
Well, you just as well could get your hat and let that woman be.
			     F	         Bb		            F
But a man oughta make a good husband and quit tryin' to lead a fast life.
       Bb				  C	                 Csus4-C
Goin' about dressin' up other women won't put clothes on his own wife

Bb – Bb - F – F – C – C –
– F – Bb – Bb – Bb – F – F – 
– F – F/Bb/C

	      F						      Bb
Well, there's lots of good women who wants to marry, and they want to live
well at home.
									Dm  C/E
But they're 'fraid they'll might get hold of a rowdy man, can't let other
      Bb   C
women alone.

				      F		      Bb
And there's lots of good men wants to marry, and they wants to live well at
But every time they turn their back, there's another man there
        C               Csus4-C
askin', "Darlin', is he gone?"

End with intro.

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