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This Far From Memphis chords - Easton Corbin

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                Capo 2
Intro: D / G A x2
(D)She said good-(D/F#)bye in Talla-(G)hassee
(D) I just (D/f#) crawled in my(G) truck
(D) Set my(D/F#) mind on Mi-(G)ami (D/F#)
(Em) And my sights on better (A) luck (D/F#)

(G)Ain’t a (A)man deserves to(D) hurt like this (D/F#)
(G)It’s a (A) lonely place, it (D) sure is (D/F#)
(G) Guess I (A) never really (Bm) knew the blues (A)
(G) Ever (A) got this far from (D)Memphis (G)  (A)

(G) All the (D/F#) night life and the (G) beaches
(D) Couldn’t (D/F#) soothe my achin’ (G) soul
(D) And how I (D/f#) ended up in (G) Key West (D/F#)
(Em) God and the liquor only (A) know

Repeat Chorus
--(D/F#)| (G) | D D/F#| G| D D/F#| G / / D/F#| Em| A

Now (Bm) I’ve run out of (G) road
So I (Bm) guess my only (G) hope
Is to (F#m) trade this truck for a (A) boat

Repeat Chorus

(G) Ever (A) got this far from (D) Memphis (D/F#)
(G) Man, I’m a (A) long ways from Memphis---(D)-----

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