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Gods Comic chords - Elvis Costello

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Elvis Costello Sheet music
                Em B7   Em B7   Em G Am A# B

Em            B7           Em     B7
I wish you'd known me when I was alive
G             C   D
I was a funny fellow
Am7             B7       C          B7
The crowd would hoot and holler for more
Am7      B7         C           B7
I wore a drunks red nose for applause
G               C       D
 Oh yes I was a comical priest With a
G                        C           D
joke for the flock and a hand up you fleece
Em           B7               Em        D
Drooling the drink and the lipstick and grease paint
G                        C      D         C
 Down the cardboard front of my dirty dog collar


 G B7           Em          B7          Em         D
    now im dead now im dead now im dead now im dead
        G               C         D
 And im going on to meet my reward
             Em           B7           Em             D
 I was scared I was scared I was scared  I was scared
 G            C   D          C          G B7  (*2nd time bridge*)
   He might never heard Gods Comic

 So there he was on a water bed
 drinking a cola of a mystery brand
 reading an airport novellette
 listeing to andrew loydd webbers requiem
 He said before it had really begun
 I prefer the one about my son
 ive been wading through all this unbielevable junk
  and wondering if i should have given it all to the monkeys.

Oops bridge

C           D
Im goind to take a little trip
C        D
down paradises endless shores
the say that travel braodens the mind
                      B7               E
till you cant get you head out of doors

Elvis Costello ChordsElvis Costello Lyrics

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