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Hometown chords - Bucky Covington

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Witten by Chris Tompkins, Mark Irwin & Josh Kear
Recorded by Bucky Covington

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  (G) x 4 bars

(G) I'm sittin' on the (B)train bridge, waitin' on (C)sundown
(G) River winds (B) settin' low on that (C)old town
(G) And nothin' else to (B)do but think (C) and toss a stone and (A) watch it sink
Lord, (G)I hope heaven's a (D)lot like my home-(G)town

(G) I'm walkin' down the (B)old track balancin' (C)on a rail
(G) A Sunday breeze (B) carryin' church (C)bells
(G) A sunlight ka-(B)leidoscope (C) through the leaves of a (A) scarlet oak
Lord, (G)I hope heaven's a (D)lot like my home-(G)town

(G) Hallelujah, lift my (C)spirit into the (G)sky (C)
(G) Till I'm home a-(C)gain in the sweet by and (D)by, by and ---

Inst.:  | (G)by  | (B)  | (C)  | (C)  | (G)  | (D)  | (G)  | (G)  |

(G) Well, I've heard the (B)preacher talkin' 'bout streets of (C)gold
(G) But I'll be fine for-(B)ever, walkin' these (C)dirt roads
(G) The home place ain't (B)much to see, (C) but it's matchin' enough (A/C#)for me
Lord, (G)I hope heaven's a (D)lot like my home-(Em)town (B) (C)

Hey Lord, (G)I hope heaven's a (D)lot like my home(G)town, yeah -----

Bucky Covington ChordsBucky Covington Lyrics

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