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Blue As A Heartache chords - Cowboy Copas

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Written by Fred Rose 
As sung by Cowboy Copas 
[G]Blue as a heartache[G7]sad as[C]a tear. Ê[G] 
Feeling so lonely wish you were here.[D7] 
Why did[G]you wander[G7] where [C]did you go. Ê[G] 
How did I lose you I'll ne[D7]ver know. Ê[G] Ê[C] Ê[G] 
I [D]miss you [A7]most at [D]sundown  
Then [A7]weep the whole night [D]through. Ê[D7] 
Haven't [G]been hap[G7]py in over [C]a year. Ê[G] 
Blue as a heartache sad [D7]as a tear. Ê[G] Ê[C] Ê[G] 
[G]Blue as a heartache[G7]sad as[C]a tear. Ê[G] 
You were just fooling I was sincere.[D7] 
How could [G]you leave me [G7]who [C]did you find. Ê[G] 
Why did I trust you where was [D7]my mind. Ê[G] Ê[C] Ê[G] 
I [D]know it's [A7]wrong to [D]love you  
And [A7]be so all a[D]lone [D7] 
Trouble [G]and sor[G7]row more than [C]my share [G] 
Blue as a heartache sad [D7]as a tear. Ê[G] Ê[C] Ê[G] 

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