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The Kid chords - Cry Cry Cry

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Cry Cry Cry          The Kid    written by Buddy Mondlock 

Lucy Kaplansky     vocals
Dar Williams       vocals
Larry Campbell     guitar/steel guitar
Jeff Hill          bass
Jay Bellerose      drums
Stepanie Winters   cello
D       A       Bm                G
I'm the kid who ran away with the circus
D       A        G   A
Now I'm watering elephants
D     A         Bm               G
But I sometimes lie awake in the sawdust
D         A        G        A 
Dreaming  I'm in a suit of  light
Bm                   Gmaj7
Late at night in the empty big top
    Bm               Gmaj7
I'm all alone on the high wire
Bm                 E7
Look he's working without a net this time
A                  Asus  A            
He's a real death  defyer 
D       A        Bm                    G
I'm the kid who  always looked out the window
D       A        G   A
Failing tests in geography
D        A           Bm                  G
But I've seen things far beyond just the school yard
D       A         G      A
Distant shores of exotic lands
Bm                         Gmaj7
There're the spires of the Turkish Empire
Bm                       Gmaj7
Six months since we made landfall
Bm                  E7
Riding low with the spice of India
Through Gibralter 
      Asus A     Em C D A   Em C G A
We're rich men 
D       A       Bm                      G
I'm the kid who thought we'd someday be lovers
D       A              G           A
Always  held out that  time would  tell
D        A        Bm                   G
Time was talking  guess I just wasn't  listening
D     A            G        A
No surprise if you know me well
Bm                    Gmaj7
And as we're walking  toward the train station
Bm                   Gmaj7
There's a whispering rainfall
Bm                   E7 
Cross the boulevard  you slip your hand in mine
A                   Asus  A
In the distance the train calls 
D        A        Bm                 G 
I'm the  kid who  has this habit of  dreaming
D          A          G       A
Sometimes  gets me in trouble too
D        A         Bm                    G
But the  truth is  I could no more stop  dreaming
D      A                G         D
Than I could make them  all come  true 

From Cry Cry Cry with Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplanksy, & Richard Shindell
Razor & Tie Records 1998
EMI April Music Inc/Sparking Gap Music

Cry Cry Cry ChordsCry Cry Cry Lyrics

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Cry Cry Cry
Buy Cry Cry Cry CD

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