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Temporarily Forever Mine chords - Chris Cummings

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                Capo 3.


Em - D/F# - A x2

  Em               D/F#           A
The door on the mailbox is rusted shut
  Em      D/F#              A
Gras in my yard sure has grown up
 Em              D/F#               A                  Em
One of the chains is broken on the front porch swing
D/F#           A
I don't know why I came
G                               D/F#
I guess I had to see this one more time
Em              D/F#                Asus  A
This little house we shared in better times

D/F#      G                A                     D/F#
Way out yond to see those big old black clouds moving
 G             D/F#                    A
I wish the wind would blow me back in time
 G             A     D/F#       G
Those were the days, I had it made
     D/F#    Em         A           D
When you where temporarily forever mine

Em - D/F# - A

Did you know your mother still calls me?
She's got a special place in her heart for me
I'll always be her favorite son-in-law
She wonders what went wrong
And I know that time could take this pain away
But time can't take me back to yesterday



 G             A     D/F#       G
Those were the days, I had it made
     D/F#    Em         A           D
When you where temporarily forever mine
NC         Em       A           D
You were just temporarily forever mine

Chords used:
G    - 320003
D    - xx0232
A    - x02220
D/F# - 200232
Asus - x02230 

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