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Milkman's Eyes chords - Bobby Cyrus

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                (No Capo)

Intro.:  (D) x 4 bars

(D)Lately I've been hearin' lots of (G)rumors
A-(A)bout young Junior's real identi-(D)ty
And someone else's wood mixed in our (G)wood pile
And you (A)liked to stoke the fire after I (D)leave

(D)I sure had my doubt and my sus-(G)picion
'Cause (A)Junior wasn't hard to recog-(D)nize
When we first brought him home to meet the (G)neighbors
They (A)said that baby's got the milkman's (D)eyes

Well, (D)I know Junior's got the milkman's (G)eyes
And (A)this time I ain't believin' no more (D)lies
I'm leavin' you there ain't no ali-(G)bis
(A)I know Junior's got the milkman's (D)eyes

Inst.:  |(A) |(A) |(D) |(D)

Well, (D)I've got light blue eyes just like my (G)daddy
(A)You've got dark brown eyes just like your (D)mom
That baby's eyes are green and slightly (G)slanted
Like that (A)milkman that comes by when I'm not (D)home

So (D)honey, go and get yourself a (G)lawyer
'Cause there (A)ain't no way that we can recon-(D)cile
Oh, Junior cries all night without his (G)bottle
And (A)milk's only thing that makes him (D)smile

Repeat Chorus

I'm (D)leavin' you there ain't no ali-(G)bis
And (A)I know Junior's got the milkman's (D)eyes

Outro.:  / / / |(D) |(G) |(G) |(A) |(A) |(D) |(D) |(A) |(A) |(D) |(D) -----

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  1. Cyrus Bobby - Milkman's Eyes Chords

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