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Goodbye chords - Miley Cyrus

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                Capo 2

E - 079900
Eb/E - 069900
C#m - 046600
A - 002200
B - 024400
Cm - 035500
D - 057700
A5 - 577000

Intro - E Eb/E C#m A

Verse One;
E                Eb/E                  C#m
  I Can Honestly Say You've Been On My Mind
Since I Woke Up Today, Up Today
E               Eb/E             C#m
I Look At Your Photograph All The Time
A                           C#m             B
These Memories Come Back To Life & I Don't Mind

E                    Eb/E  C#m                A
I Remember When We Kissed, I Still Feel It On My Lips
E                 Eb/E                    C#m   A
The Time That You Danced With Me, With No Music Playing
E                 Eb/E          C#m             A
I Remember Those Simple Things, I Remember Til I Cry
Cm                           D       Cm                 A5
But The One Thing I Wish I'd Forget, The Memory I Wanna Forget
E            Eb/E  C#m  A
Is Goodbye

Verse Two;
E            Eb/E              C#m
Woke Up This Morning & Played Our Song 
A                           E   
& Through My Tears I Sang Along
              Eb/E               C#m 
Picked Up The Phone & Then Put It Down
       A                C#m                B
Cause I Know I'm Wasting My Time & I Don't Mind


Verse Three/Bridge;
E              Eb/E                  C#m               A 
  Suddenly My Cell Phone's Blowing Up With Your Ring Tone
E              Eb/E               C#m           A
I Hesitate But Answer It Anyways, You Sound So Alone
E        Eb/E                B
& I'm Surprised To Hear You Say
E                     Eb/E   C#m                       A
You Remember When We Kissed, You Still Feel It On Your Lips
E                 Eb/E                   C#m     A
The Time That You Danced With Me, With No Music Playing
E                  Eb/E         C#m                A
You Remember The Simple Things, We Talked Til We Cried
Cm                       D        Cm                        A5
You Said That You Biggest Regret, The One Thing You Wish I'd Forget
           E  Eb/E C#m A   E  Eb/E C#m A    E
Was Saying Goodbye, Saying Goodbye, Oooh, Goodbye

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