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Oh Sister chords - Dan Bern

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                Oh Sister   by Dan Bern

To play with recording tune down 1/2 step 
(Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

fingerings : i = index finger  m = middle finger
             r = ring finger   p = pinky
             t = thumb

------        fingering
G'   3x0003   rx---p
C/G  3x2013   rxm-ip
D'   5x4035   rxm-ip  (just the C/G slid up two frets)
G    320002
D/F# 2x0232  
Em   022000
C    x32010
D    xx0232
Amin x02210
Am7/G 3x2010
B7   x21202

I don't know the exact chord names for these.
Eb?  66504x    C shape at 4th fret
D''  55403x    C shape at 3rd fret

 G'        C/G          G'           D'

They say you taught me how to talk.

Bet you wish you'd taught me how to stop.

Emin            C
You're far away now.

I wish I could take a walk with you someplace.

You explained me to our parents.

G                    Emin
English wasn't their first language.

Amin                Am7/G     
They spoke German.  Hated Germans.  

D                D/F#
Confusing times.


 G          C/G G
Oh Sister.

Down midwest backseat bumpy streets

    G               Emin
you sang my Beatles songs with me.

    Amin                 Am7/G
And I sang your Broadway melodies.

    D         D/F#
Bad Harmony.

And where would Willie Mays have been 

G                Emin
without Jackie Robinson?

    Amin              Am7/G
And who can say what i'd been

        Dsus4  D    D/F#          |G C/G - -|- - - G|- - C/G G|D - - -|
without you      to lead the way.


After I showed some guys I could drink
you picked me off the lawn, I think,
and led me to the kitchen sink
where I got rid of it.
Some nights I laid awake in awe
as squinting through the dark I saw 
you peeling off your teenage bra
the door slightly ajar


Oh Sister
You lived just across the hall
for eighteen summers, eighteen falls
until you went away to that
weird college in wisconsin.
And where would Willie Mays have been
without Jackie Robinson?
And who can say what I'd been
without you to lead the way.


Emin           B7  C          G         Eb?
Trust yourself and you can do anything

this I give to you.


May your heart purr like a bumblebee
may all your backyards have a tree
may you always be hiv negative
I hope you meet some nice guy who
treats women better than I do
I don't even car if he's a Jew or not.


Oh Sister.
I remember in the temple hall
at our dear Father's funeral
you sang like a nightingale
one of his own songs
and where would Willie Mays have been
without Jackie Robinson?
and who can say what I'd been
without you to lead the way.

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  1. Dan Bern - Oh Sister Chords

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