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Saddle Tramp chords - Charlie Daniels

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(+guitar strumming)
|D   A      |C   G      |Bb   F     |Em   A     |
(+piano +drums)
|D   A      |C   G      |Bb   F     |Em         |G6         |
(-piano +lead guitar)
|D          |D          |D          |D          |

(-piano +lead guitar after each line)
         D                                    G
Well you pass around the pipe and you all get high.
A                          D
Never even stop and wonder why.
D                            G      G   D/F#
Maybe it's because you wanna die.
Em                                     A
Maybe it's just the way things have to be.

    D                                    G
You stay up late and drink too damn much whiskey.
    A                                  D
You know that sort of thing is kind of risky.
D                                        G      G   D/F#
Maybe it's just because you like to feel frisky.
Em                A                      D
Maybe it's just because you like to feel free.

G                 A           D
Saddle Tramp, how many people watch you ridin' by,
       G                  A                 D
Like a thunder cloud that floats across the Arizona sky,
    G                 A            D            G     G   D/F#
And wonder if they're looking at a mighty happy man,
          Em                 A
Or just a lonely breeze that drifts across the
G       D/F#  E  D
Endless desert sand.

(+lead guitar)
|D   A      |C   G      |

          D                        G
Well it's gettin' kinda cold in Readosa.
A                          D
 Abilene ain't gettin' any closer.
D                                G      G   D\F#
One more drink, one more hand of poker.
          Em                                 A
Because a fool and his money's gonna have to part.

D                                  G
You're too proud to ever show your sorrow.
A                                    D
You don't steal and you won't beg or borrow.
    D                                   G      G   D/F#
You may be here today but you're gone tomorrow.
               Em              A                  D
There ain't no strings on your boot heels or your heart.

G                 A           D
Saddle Tramp, how many people watch you ride away,
G              A                D
Wonder why you never promise to come back some day.
      G                 A               D              G    G   D/F#
Maybe thinking you were holding all the pieces in your hand,
            Em                    A
Or are they slippin' through your fingers like the
G       D/F#  E  D
Endless desert sand.


(Lead guitar)
|D   A      |C   G      |Bb   F     |Em         |
                        (?Am scale)
|Fdim7        |D/F#       |Fdim7       |
(Light piano chords)                (?Am G F Em Dm)
|Am    G    |D/F#  D    |Am    E    |Am         |
(Arpeggiated piano)
|Am    G    |D/F#  D    |Am    E    |D  C  G/B  Em/G  |
(? A-A piano)   (rit.)  (Drum solo)...   (?AGEDC)
|Am         |Am         |N.C.       |N.C.       |

(Piano + guitar hammering)
|A5         |A5/D       |A5/E        |A5/F#       |
|A5/G       |A5         |A5/B        |A5/C   A5/D |
(Drum solo)                (?AGEEbDC)
|A5/E       |N.C. x6    |N.C        |

|A    x7    |E7  F#m7  Gm7  Abm7  |

(Lead guitar, main theme)                          (?AGEEbDC)
|A    x8    |E7         |E7     E7/D |D7         |E7         |
|A          |E7  F#m7  Gm7  Abm7  |
(Lead guitar, main theme)                          (?AGEEbDC)
|A    x8    |E7         |E7     E7/D |D7         |E7         |
|A    x4    |

(All)                                           (Piano)
|E5    E5 Eb5 |C#5        |C#5   C#5 C5 |B5    Bb5   |A    x4    |
(Lead guitar)
|A    x16   |
|E5    E5 Eb5 |C#5        |C#5   C#5 C5 |B5    Bb5   |A    x4    |

(Piano solo)
|A    x16   |
|E5    E5 Eb5 |C#5        |C#5   C#5 C5 |B5    Bb5   |A    x4    |

(Guitar solo)
|A    x16   |
(Lead guitar)
|E5    E5 Eb5 |C#5        |C#5   C#5 C5 |B5    Bb5   |A    x4    |

(Lead guitar)
|A    x8    |
(Begin drum solo)
|Am         |Am         |Am         |A5/E        |Am         |
(Drum solo)
|N.C. x~20  |

(Lead guitar and drums duet)
|A          |N.C.       |A         |N.C.      |
|A    N.C.  |A    N.C.  |A         |A         |

(All, hold A on organ)
|A          |A          |E7        |F#7/E      |
           (Piano ?ADEbEG)
|Gm7/E	      |E7         |

(Lead guitar, repeat of section 4 main theme)      (?AGEEbDC)
|A    x8    |E7         |E7     E7/D |D7         |E7         |
(Piano solo, repeat of section 5)                 (???ascend)
|E5   E5 Eb5 |C#5         |C#5   C#5 C5 |B5      Bb5 |A    x4   |
(???descend)            (rit.)         (gliss...)
|A    x4    |A   x12    |A    x3    |A          ||

Charlie Daniels ChordsCharlie Daniels Lyrics

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