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Paintin' The Town Blue chords - David Slater

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                PAINTIN' THE TOWN BLUE
David Slater

Intro:  (G)  (D)  (Em)   (C)  (Dsus2)  (D)

It's an(G)other lonely (G/F#) Saturday (Em) night
In my (C) car, with the (C/B) radio (D) on
(G) Don't know (G/F#) why I (Em) keep driving by
Cause (A7) I know you're done (D) gone
(G) I bet you're (D/F#) having a (Em) good time
Out on the (C) town, with your (C/B) somebody (D) new
While I'm (G) drivin' ar(D)ound
(Em) Gettin' (D) down
(C) Paintin' the (D) town (G) blue

(D) I stopped (G) by to see a (G/F#) few of my (Em) old friends
Tryin' to (C) get you off my (C/B) mind, some(D)how
And (G) I was thinkin' (G/F#) this old (Em) heartache might just
(A7) Get lost in the cr(D)owd
Then some(G)body brought up (D/F#) all those (Em) memories
And had to ask (C) how I'm gettin' (C/B) over (D) you
I'm just (G) runnin' ar(D)ound
(Em) Gettin' (D) down
(C) Paintin' the (D) town (G) blue

(Em) Everywhere I go
(Bm) Every way I turn
(C) I'm seeing (D) shades of (G) you
(Em) But you won't let me go
So (Bm) I just keep on turnin'
(Asus) Bluer shades of (D) blue

Maybey (G) I could let it (G/F#) drive me (Em) crazy
But, it (C) wouldn't mend this (C/B) broken (D) heart
So, I'm (G) gonna pull my(G/F#)self to(Em)gether
And make the (A7) best of this fallin' a(D)part
So if you (G) see me out (G/F#) having a (Em) good time
And actin' like (C) I forgot (C/B) all about (D) you
I'm just (G) runnin' ar(D)ound
(Em) Gettin' (D) down
(C) Paintin' the (D) town blue

With(G)out you ar(D)ound
(Em) I'm gettin' (D) down
(C) Paintin' the (NC) town blue (G) 

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