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My Bestest Friend chords - Mac Davis

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Mac Davis Sheet music
I worked this song out off the radio, so it's all my own work and may not be
perfectly accurate, but it works for me.  Hope it does for you, too.

My Bestest Friend -- Mac Davis

Verse 1:
Who wipes me off when I get gravy on my shirt?
And who knows exactly where to kiss me when I hurt?
     D               D7            G
And who makes love to me on satin sheets or in the dirt?
D         A                       D
You babe....You're my bestest friend

Verse 2:
Who take me home when I get too drunk to dance?
And who bravely puts up with my uncles and my aunts?
     D              D7            G
And who discreetly wispers you forgot to zip your pants?
D         A                       D
You babe....You're my bestest friend

    G                                    D  
And who comes down and bails me out when I get in a jam?
    G                                 D              A
And helps me tell the police where I live and who I am?
    D            D7               G  
And who rubs my back when no one else could give a damn?
D         A                       D
You babe....You're my bestest friend

Lead solo follows verse chording

Chorus (note words change):
    G                           D
And who can be as gentle as a sparrow in my hand,
G                                       D              A
Meaner than a junk yard dog when she's fightin for her man?
    D              D7             G
And who's the only one I'll ever love and understand?
D         A                       D
You babe....You're my bestest friend

Talkin bout
D         A                       D
You babe....You're my bestest friend

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