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My Last Date chords - Skeeter Davis

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Recorded by Skeeter Davis
Written by Davis, Bryant and Cramer

One [C] hour and I'll be [F] meeting you
I [C] know you're gonna [F] make me blue
My [C] heart is tremblng [F] through and through
'Cause I [C] know very [G] well I can [C] tell I can [F] tell
This will [C] be my [G] last date with [C] you. [G]

Just [C] can't believe that [F] this could end
I [C] know I'll never [F] love again
You'll [C] ask me to be [F] just a friend
This is [C] plain as can [G] be I can [C] see I can [F] see
This will [C] be my [G] last date with [C] you.

I [F] know we had a quarrel
[G] But all sweethearts do [C]
I [F] gave my [G] love to [C] prove to [Am] you
That [F] I will always love you and be [G] true.

I know you've met someone new
You'll tell me you and I are through
My plans and dreams can not come true
And when you say goodbye I know I will cry
'Cause I'll know it's my last date with you.

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