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Head Over High Heels chords - Carolyn Dawn Johnson

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                Carolyn Dawn Johnson

#1      ////  // / /
Intro:  A     D  G D  (x4)

Verse 1:

A            D                  A
I've fallen, yeah I've fallen before
            D                        A
I thought I knew exactly what was in store
                D                         E
When I met him, got more than I bargained for
I'm not overstating, over exaggerating
Horsing around or playing
When I'm saying I've...


A                       D  G  D
Gone off the deepest end 
A                     D  G  D
Not jumping, diving in
A                          D  
He's a perfect 10 times 10 times 10
And I'm head over heels
D                           A   D  G D (x2 like intro  #1)
No, I'm head over high heels           (then bridge #2)

Verse 2:

A            D                    A
I'm dreaming in colors I've never seen
            D                    A
My heart is bursting wide at the seams
           D                   E
I've taken my smiling to the extremes
All my friends are wondering 
They think I'm up to something
I say Oh it's nothing
I'm just in love and I've...

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge:   (swing feel)

I'm not happy
G      A
I'm ecstatic
E                  G      A
I'm not a lunatic, just a fanatic
E                   G      A     G (let ring)
You might think I'm overdramatic 

Not me (spoken lol)

Instrumental:  (intro chords (x2) then...B   A    B   E  ) 
(sings various yeah,yeahs...ya get the picture...)

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

(spoken)         A
I am so far gone   

Carolyn Dawn Johnson ChordsCarolyn Dawn Johnson Lyrics

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