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Whiskey Brown chords - Mike Dean

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                Standard Tuning

E, F#m, A, E

Well she was her daddy's girl
Sweet child
 	  A 	                       E
He worked the oil rigs He raised horses on the side
           E                                  F#m
Down at the ol pole track they'd run the quarter mile
 	 A                                  E
She loved to watch the one that they call Whiskey Brown
Casino's came into the edge of town
                 A 	  	 	  	         E
They brought the thoroughbreds in and they closed the quarter pole down
        E                                           F#m
That old man he just couldn't afford all these horses now
 	 A                                          E
So he had to auction off four but he brought home Whiskey Brown

 	  E 	        F#m
And she'd say Whiskey, Whiskey Brown
         A 	  	  	E
Oh how I love to hear your hoof steps comin around
 	   E                               F#m
I can hear you gallop across the acorn covered ground
 	   A                   E
Oh my favorite sound Is sweet Whiskey Brown

(haven't figured it out yet)

 	   E                   F#m
Well she looks back now, on her childhood days
 	   A                                   E
And her little boy's so different than she was in so many ways
 	  E                              F#m
Raised in the country but she lives in the city now
Well she likes to take her little man to visit grandpa
A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A
Yeah and to ride ol Whiskey Brown

(Chorus 2:)
 	  E               F#m
And she'd say Whiskey,  Whiskey Brown
            A                     E
Yeah I'm so glad to have you still around
      E                                   F#m
My lil boy on your back and you both look so proud
        A              E
My sweet Whiskey, Whiskey Brown

Repeat Chorus 1
Yeah my favorite sound
Is sweet Whiskey Brown

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