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Long About That Time chords - Develantes

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written by:  Mike Delevante/ Bob Delevante
performed by:The Delevantes on "Long About that Time"

    E            A            B       E
1.She broke the light of the setting sun
    E                    A        B           E
  She danced across the lawn she turned and spun
    A                        E
  Showed him the brand new dress she made
    A                           E
  Bought the material with the money she saved
    E                  A               B        E
  From working at the register at the five and dime
         E         A            B       E
  It's where they met it was Christmas time

       A                         E
C.He still sees her like it was yesterday
  A            B               E
  Like it was long about that time
               A               E
  Na na na na na, na na na na now
               A               E
  Na na na na na, na na na na now

2.Sonny sold out the Station Square Store
  The clock on the mantel don't work no more
  All the little stores are fading away
  It was a gift on their wedding day
  And she moved like a dream in the whitest white
  And God her eyes could catch that light

Repeat Chorus

           A          B       E
B.Now long ago don't mean nothin'
    A           B                E
  When you're talking about our love
       A            B          E
  The paint on the porch will fade
   A                   B      E
  Weeds grow over the garden gate
   A                 B     E
  Memories start to fade away
       A          B               E          A
  But love feels like it did the very first day

3.He heard his name he turned and he saw 
  Her standing there by the kitchen door
  Her eyes were turned and her hair was gray
  But it didn't matter anyway
  'Cause deep down in his heart he knew no time
  Today just felt like that Christmas time

Repeat Chorus

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