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Uncle Hiram's Homemade Beer chords - Dick Feller

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                Uncle Hiram’s Homemade Beer
By Dick Feller

     C                                      F
Well I was just a boy at the time when this drinking Uncle Hiram of mine 
  C                   G                 C
Decided to make him a batch of homemade beer 
      C                                  F
Don't tell a soul he said to me but I’ve come across this recipe 
     C                        G                        C
That says you can make some today, and I can drink all year  

      C                                       F
So we searched the alleys behind the bars for empty jugs and mason jars 
    C             G                         C
And we carried em down to his basement brewery
   C                                        F 
He made it out of yeast, sugar and hops and hhe said to me as he sealed the top 
    G                                    C
For goodness sake don't tell your aunt marie, for shell say;

F         C      G                 C    
Hey there Hirem, whatcha doin down there
F                  C    D                      G 
There’s a peculiar odor comin’ up the basement stairs
C               F                 G            C 
Go back to your sewin’ hon, I’m a varnishin’ a chair
    C             F              G               C
The time my Uncle Hiram made his famous homemade beer

Well we let it set for a week or so then me and Uncle sneaked down below 
Figurin it be about time to give it a try
I was standin at the foot of the stairs when Uncle Hirma was testing the wear 
When all the sudden two bottles just flew sky high

Jars went crashin, lids went clunk, and my uncle he dived behind a trunk
And the beer began to spew out on the floor
"Don't worry bout me boy save yourself!" so as fast as I could I run up the steps 
And outa breath I quickly slammed that door

Well Aunt Marie come a runnin and she said "what’s the matter dear?
Well I said its uncle's homemade beer, it’s a blowin up, uncles trapped down there
She said "well beer! beer! Well I declare, Hiram you come outta there!
But the sound of explodin beer was all you could hear


Well it sounded like a war till about midnight, the bottles just blew up left and right
Till finally we just heard one hear and there
Then Aunt Marie got a comfortor and holding it up in front of her 
and with me behind we started off down the stairs

The place was a mess to say the least the walls were stickin smelled like yeast
the lids glass and beer was all around
It had been quite a battle it was no doubt, but when we started to look about
Uncle Hiram was nowhere to be found

Well Aunt Marie hollared "Hiram!!  oh for dear hes been killed by a jar a beer
I warned him about his drinkin, he never listened to me!!!"
Then up came a lid on an antique trunk, and there stood beer blind, runnin drunk
was the great limited love of Aunt Marie

He said "rather than see it all go to waste figure I might as well have a taste
I recon I drank  about fifteen jars of beer...."
"Now you all just *hicup* go on cause *hicup* Im a stayin right here”



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  1. Dick Feller - Uncle Hiram's Homemade Beer Chords

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