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Good Idea Tomorrow chords - Deryl Dodd

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Deryl Dodd Sheet music
                GOOD IDEA TOMORROW
Deryl Dodd
1998, Columbia Records
5:45 AM 11/28/2004

Intro: (G)  (F)  (C)  (G)  (F)  (C)

Well it (G) seems these days every(C)body's in a hurry
(G) First to get the worm them birds are (D) losin' their minds
Well (G) I can say I don't like wakin' (C) up that early
The (G) only way to live is when I'm (D) takin my (G) time

  'Cause (C) life's too (G) short to (D) live it too (G) fast
  I (C) can't smell a (G) rose I've al(D)ready passed
  I've (C) learned one (G) lesson to (D) lessen the (Em) sorrow
  If it's a (C) good idea to(G)day it will (D) be a good idea tom(C)orrow

Now (G) I ain't sayin' hard (C) work is no good
We've (G) all got to pull the weight that's (D) on our backs
There's (G) just one thing to re(C)member if we could
All (G) work and no play (n.c.) don't make jack

Repeat Chorus

So, (F) what's the use in (C) living
If (G) we ain't living
(C) Slow that engine (G) down and en(D)joy the ride
(F) There ain't no stopping that (C) clock from tickin'
So, (F) love the ones you love
While you (D) got the time

Repeat Chorus

  If it's a (C) good idea to(G)day it will (D) be a good idea tom(C)orrow

Fade out... 

Deryl Dodd ChordsDeryl Dodd Lyrics

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