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Mists Of Down Below chords - The Duhks

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                Intro: G-Bb-C-G-Bb-C-G

Verse 1
(G)Wild wind take me home (Bb)to the mists of down below

(C)I'll be flyin' come september (G)day

(G)With no borders in my way you'll (Bb)find me home until the may sun 

(C)Burns the heavy mists of down (G)below


I (Bb)see the rivers floodin' strong and (C)people wishin' they belonged

(Bb)Free for anywhere they wanna (G)go

(G)And when they pray they can look to the sky 

And (Bb)they see me as I pass by

(C)Headin' into the mists of down(G)below

Verse 2
Without feilds that ripe from rain there is no way to feed my pain
Until I fly the mists of down below
But down below is not my faith, there is no land from where I came
Not even mists of old mexico


Verse 3
So I looked hard at reasons for the drifters goin' door to door
Dreamin' of the mists of down below
But I'm sure they'd go anywhere they could if winds became their neighborhood
And there'd be nowhere they didn't know


Outro: G-Bb-C-G (repeat. end on "G")

Bb=x13331 or xx3331
C=x32010 or 332010

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