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Once chords - Ronnie Dunn

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                Intro: (C) (C) (C) (C)

(C) You were a wait so worth
The (F) price of all the hurt inside me
(C) Just when the sun was setting (F) on my heart
(C) You found a way to drown
The (F) loneliness and doubt inside me
(C) Just when my soul was getting (G) used to the dark
(F) Here you are 
 Of (C) all the roads that wind and curve
 The (Am7) shoots you down, some twists and turns
 (G) Somehow we found our (Dm) way (F)
 Let's (C) hold each other, fight for this
 (Am7) Life, you know it's all we get
 (G) Baby, you only find this (Dm) kind of (F) love
 (C) Once
You're like a song
That finds its way inside, I can't quit singing
A one of a kind timeless melody
The past just doesn't matter anymore
so let's just leave it
Forever with you is all I ever need
I can't believe
Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus 

Ronnie Dunn ChordsRonnie Dunn Lyrics

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Dunn Ronnie
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