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One Last Time (capo) chords - Dusty Drake

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                Artist: Dusty Drake
released: May 2003

Dust Drake - One last time

Capo 2nd Fret

Intro - D -D7 - Aadd11 - D7

D                        D7
When she picked up the telephone,
    Aadd11            D7
His voice came on the line.
    D                   D7
She said This can't be happening,
    Aadd11               D7                      
An' tears fell from her eyes,
         D                       D7
She said What am I supposed to do,
     F#m                Bm
"I can't handle losin' you,
  Em7              F#m                     G
He said I just had to call to say goodbye,
G    A    D
One last time

        D                        D7
He said There are some things in this life,
         Aadd11       D7
That are out of our control.
      D              D7
Like who we fall in love with,
    Aadd11            D7
And when it's time to go,
         D               D7
She said What about the plans we had,
         F#m                 Bm
He said This connection's gettin' bad,
  Em7           F#m               G
Now c'mon baby, let me hear you smile,
G    A    D
One last time."

She started to apologise,
For all the things that she'd done wrong,
She said I would have loved you better,
If only I'd known."
He said You were the perfect wife,
        D                         A
Promise me you'll go on with your life,
She said The boys won't understand,                 lead
                                         Bm - A - G -D-Bm-A-G
He said Tell 'em Daddy loves 'em and, be strong, whoa,

        D           D7
He said Hon, I've gotta go,
         Aadd11             D7
She said Don't you dare hang up.
           D              D7
There's so many things I need to say.
  Aadd11       D7
I love you so much,
       D              D7
I was almost like she felt him leave.
     F#m                      Bm
She cried out Can you still hear me,
           Em7                F#m
She fell down on the kitchen floor,
When the signal died,
       Em7            F#m              G
As the pilot tried to pull out of the dive.
G    A         
One last......

Ending Chords like the begining - D -D7 - Aadd11 - D7 -D

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