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Take It To The Limit chords - Eagles

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Eagles Sheet music
Take It To The Limit
The Eagles
>From the CD "Their Greatest Hits 1971 - 1975"
Also from the CD "One Of These Nights"
Transcribed by Dan Nicholas

C                            F
All alone at the end of the evening
          C                          F
And the bright lights have faded to blue
        C               E7                   Am 
I was thinkin' 'bout a woman who might have loved me
             G    C
And I never knew
               D              C                    F  
You know I've always been a dreamer Spent my life running round
                      C                   F
And it's so hard to change Can't seem to settle down
                          Dm     F
But the dreams I've seen lately
                     FaddG          G               F     G 
Keep turnin' out and burnin' out & turnin' out the same
    F           C         F         C  
So put me on a highway & show me a sign
     F              G              C    G   F 
And take it to the limit one more time

          C                         F
You can spend all your time making money
          C                         F
You can spend all your love making time
      C            E7        Am                       G  
If it all fell to pieces tomorrow would you still be mine
                  D                C             F 
And when you're looking for your freedom nobody seems to care
                        C                  F 
And you can't find the door, can't find it anywhere
                           Dm       F  
When there's nothin' to believe in
                                 FaddG                  G                F
Still you're commin' back, you're runnin' back, you're commin' back for more
    F            C         F        C
So put me on a highway & show me a sign
     F              G              Am       G 
And take it to the limit one more time
F                G      F              G
Take it to the limit,  take it to the limit
F               G              C
Take it to the limit one more time
         F              G          F               G 
You can take it to the limit, yes take it to the limit 
One more time.

Dan Nicholas
Heldan Enterprises

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