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Abilene chords - Paul Eason

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                Intro: Bm 

F#m 	  	  	 A 
The stars up here dont burn as bright 
Em 	  	         Bm 
Nothin seems the same 
F#m 	  	       A 
I wake up to the same old place 
G 	  	   A 
It dont ever change 

F#m 	  	  	    A 
I can see those night we used to watch  
Em 	  	  	 Bm 
The fireflies dancin round 
F#m 	  	  	 A 
If I close my eyes in no time at all 
G 	                     A 
Im back in that old town 



 D/F# 	  	       G       D 
In my heart Im in Abilene 
D 	  	                   Bm 
Where life dont treat you quite so mean 
Bm 	         D/F# 	 G 	      D 
Its you and me on a front porch swing 
D 	  	        A 
Watchin the sun go down 
A 	     D/F#  	 G       D 
Cant you feel the summer breeze 
D 	  	  	 Bm 
Blowin through the grass so green 
Bm 	  	  	    Gm             A 
Though Im sittin here in Tennessee 
A 	  	           D 
In my heart Im in Abilene 

Lately when I talk to you  
I cant remember why Im gone 
But it dont matter anyhow 
I barely notice Im not home

Paul Eason ChordsPaul Eason Lyrics

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Eason Paul
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