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Ridin chords - Don Edwards

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(D) Some folks like the city
Grass thats (Em)curried smooth and green
Theaters (A7) and stranglin collars
Wagons run by gas (D) olene 
But for me its hawse and saddle
Everyday (Em) without a change
And the (A7) dessert sun a blazin
On a hundred miles of (D) range

Just a (G) ridin,  a (A7) ridin
Dessert (D) riplin in the (Em) sun.................
Mountains (G) blue along the (Em)skyline
I don't (A7) envey anyone when I'm (D) riden

When my feet is in my stirrups
And my (Em) hawse is on the bust
With his (A7) hooves a flashin lightnin
In a cloud of golden (D) dust
And the bawl-in of the cattle 
Is a (Em) com-in down the wind
Then a (A7) finer life than riden
Would be mighty hard to (D) find

Just a (G) ridin, a (A7) ridin
Spittin (D) long cracks thru the (Em) air.............
Stirrin (G) up a baby (Em) cyclone
Rippin (A7) up the prickly pear when I'm (D) ridin

I don't need no art exhibits
When the (Em) sunset does her best
Painting (A7) ever-lasting glory
On the moun-tains to the (D) west
And your opry sounds so foolish
When the (Em) night-bird starts his tune
And the (A7) desserts silver mounted 
By the touches of the (D) moon

Just a (G) ridin, a (A7) ridin
Who (D) can envy kings and (Em) czars..............
When (G) the coyotes down (Em) the valley
Are a (A7) singin to the stars when i'm (D) ridin

When my last long trail is ended 
And my (Em) final bacons curled
And the (A7) last great roundups finished
At the home ranch of the (D) world
I don't want no harps nor halos
Robes nor (Em) other dressed up things
Just let (A7) me ride the starry ranges
On a spotted horse with (D) wings

Just a (G) ridin, a (A7) ridin
Nothin (D) I'd like half so (Em) well..............
As a (G) roundin up the (Em) sinners
That have (A7) wondered out of hell and a (D) ridin,  
Just a ridin

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