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Say You Will chords - Alecia Elliott

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Alecia Elliott
SONG:  "Say You Will"
ALBUM:  I'm Diggin' It
Writers:  Hunter Davis/Hillary Lindsey

I feel by far this is Alecia's best song on her album.  She puts so much
emotion into her music, it's incredible.  Take note that I'm using a chord
called "Csus4". I don't know the real name of this chord, but here's its
pattern:  "x32011"

Intro:  C  Csus4   C  Csus4

   C                           Csus4
It only takes two hours by plane
        F                               G
If you drive, you can make it in a day
              F                  C   Csus4
Just think baby, if we met half way
              C                     Csus4
They say the miles will tear us apart
                F                       G
But they don't know how wrong they are
              F                  C   Csus4
For us, forever just isn't that far


I will wait for you
Through the lonely hours
And where you are
Won't change the way I feel
Oh, my heart's with you
You don't have to worry
     Am            G
This emptiness is something
Only you can fill
I will wait for you
Will you wait for me?
Am       G                 F
Say you will, say you will, say you will
 G      C     Csus4    C   Csus4
Say you will

              C                             Csus4
When you're scared and you think we could fall
          F                                   G
When it feels like we just might lose it all
                        F                          C    Csus4
Listen to your heart, baby, before you build that wall

--Repeat Chorus (just play "Csus4  C" at the end/go to bridge)


      Am                   F                   Dm
When you've been missing me a little too long
   F        G
Baby, be strong

--Solo-> C  Csus4  Am F   Dm F   G


        Am             F
I will wait for you through the lonely hours
      Am                            G
And where you are won't change the way I feel
        Am               F
Oh, my heart's with you, baby, don't you worry
     Am            G              F
This emptiness is something only you can fill
        Am                 F
I will wait for you, will you wait for me?
Am       G                 F
Say you will, say you will, say you will
 G      C     Csus4   C Csus4  G  C
Say you will

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