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Only God Couls Stop Me Loving You chords - Emerson Drive

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Emerson Drive Sheet music
                Intro:  G  C (x2) 
G                       C 
We saw the moon in Colorado 
Em    D             C 
Made music in Tennessee 
G                          C 
We found the gold of El Dorado 
         Em           D            C 
It's so good, making love, you and me 
C      D   G           C 
These arms, they will never hold another 
C      D   G         C                D 
This heart, it will always feel like this 'cause 

                        C         Em  D 
Only God could stop me loving you 
                        C     Em   
Only God could tell me not to 
    Am            Bm 
He sent you from Heaven 
        Em                   C 
Just to make my dreams come true 
        Am         Bm 
When he opened the door 
      C                 D 
That you came walking through 
                        G          C 
Only God could stop me loving you

Verse 2: 
Now we struck oil in Oklahoma 
And won the Oscar in Hollywood 
And climbed the canyons of Arizona 
And baby, making love never felt so good 
These lips, no other girl will ever kiss 
This heart, it will always feel like this 'cause 
REPEAT CHORUS (last line chords change to): 
                        C         G/B  D   C G D... 
Only God could stop me loving you 
There aint no girl in the whole wide world 
           C            G 
Who could take away my heart 
And there aint no man who could steal your hand 
     C        G 
And tear us apart 
But there is one God in Heaven above  
     C              D               C   G   C 
Who gave me love, strong enough to calm my heart 
(Key change) 
E                       D         F#m  E 
Only God could stop me loving you 
                        D     F#m  E   
Only God could tell me not to 
(keep repeating the last 2 lines to fade) 

Emerson Drive ChordsEmerson Drive Lyrics

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