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Boy From Lawrence County chords - Felice Brothers

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Felice Brothers Sheet music
capo on 4

C All these Em pills and powder Am could not make me F stay 
Oh I'm C on my merry G way in the F morning light G now
C Cold New Em England winters Am have got me F coughing
as the C Lincoln turns the G corner down F Memory St

Am Tell me Judge what's the bounty Dm On that boy from Lawrence County
F He's a G friend of C mine
Am If I had a way to trap him Dm Would you swear to pay up captain
F He's a G friend of C mine

The door swang slowly open The committee room was dark
The bailiff marked the charts in red
Recall a boy in orange as he slowly passed
Awkward as a calf with its legs wobbling

Be so kind, tell me warden Who's in line to die this morning?
Could I see the show?
If he bore his teeth to scare us Would we see our likeness sheriff
In the pearly glow?

Roll on old silver river through the Iron Range
Past the sleeping trains that wait
Gold and amber petals in your water waves
Like the band of Jesse James in wait

Rain it beats their window, makes it hard to see
Who's on a drunken spree in the city lights
Silent are the dying, silent are the young
And it's silent where I'm from

Tell me love of your husband Will we see his headlights coming?
Will he know it's us?
When his tired eyes have lifted Will he see your bed has shifted?
Is he bad at love?

I got the money that I owe you Something else to show you
Could you meet me there?
Take the road out past the station To the river basin
I'll be waiting there .. for you

All these pills and powder could not make me stay
I'm on my merry way in the morning light
All these dying matadors in dusty rings have killed my will to sing
And I'm gone

Tell me Judge, what's the bounty On that boy from Lawrence County?
He's a friend of mine
If I had a way to trap him Would you swear to pay up Captain?
He's a friend of mine 

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