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Perfect Mark Of Cain chords - Jeff Finlin

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Jeff Finlin Sheet music

'The Perfect Mark of Cain' by Jeff Finlin.

Written by Jeff Finlin, and on the CD 'Original Finn'
on NBFY Records, 1999.

She walked the aisle in an eggshell blue,
Compromising white,
While the purple thistles twisted,
In the fading spring twilight.
She said 'I do' to Gene her boy,
As the thunder storm blew in,
Then they ducked inside to beat that rain,
    Am7               Dm
and let their lives begin.

Gene he worked the diamond mines,
He knew not much else at all,
She'd dig the dirt, fatten the herd,
Then whack their heads in fall.
If this life she ever questioned,
She'd recall her wedding day,
And the words the preacher spoke,
Before he sent them on their way.

Chorus.  He said...

           F              C
Isn't it a wonder the sun rise and then it falls,
           Gm           C
Isn't it a wonder, yeah love it conquers all,
           F                C
Isn't it a wonder, let your conscience be your plain,
And you will come to see these golden rings,
       Am7             Dm
As the perfect mark of Cain.

Well their love fell to a whisper, it almost never
sang at all,
And as fate would have it late one night,
A stranger came to call.
She had killed and fried the fatted beast,
for Gene and all his hounds, 
Then tucked them in and took a walk,
To the bar outside of town.

He was standing in the neon in a black mortician's
Rhinestones flashing in the mirror,
Over the wooden bar in back.
He laid all that he had on her,
Which was little more than change,
A few kisses and understanding,
Of the perfect mark of Cain.

Chorus Two.

Isn't it a wonder the sun rise and then it fall,
Is it any wonder she felt nothing for so long,
Is it any wonder she stood laughing in the morning
With an aching head and a new tattoo,
Of the perfect mark of Cain.

Well she packed that ugly morning,
With all her worn and tattered things,
And paid the ticket master,
With a single golden ring.
As the train pulled from the station,
A wino stumbled past the door,
And she knew that losing everything,
Was the only hope of finding more.

Gene he found her goodbye note,
On the nightstand by the bed, 
And killed the pain of his broken heart,
With a gun shot in his head.
The family thought their love was perfect,
As they washed them splattered doors,
Until they read the note she left him,
They found crumpled on the floor.

Chorus Three.   It said...

Isn't it a wonder hello's just like goodbye,
Isn't it a wonder the calm lies in the eye,
Is it any wonder living and dying's just the same,
And it was signed with a teardrop,
The perfect mark of Cain.

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