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Drinking That Mash Talking That Trash chords - Flatt & Scruggs

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Flatt & Scruggs Sheet music
Drink That Mash And Talk That Trash
Flat and Scruggs
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Banjo Tuned E, Capo 3, Key of: D 

    D                                   A
I remember it was back in the thirties I think
we had nothin' to eat but there was plenty to drink
Mom got the groceries on (commodities will)
but pop'd trade them off and get sugar for the still
so he could drink that mash
and talk that trash

Now things were pretty bad but they could've been worse

instead of eating gravy it could've been dirt

Pop'd go and lean on a shovel all day

more sugar money from the WPA

and he'd spend it on mash

so he could talk that trash

Now down in the valley lived old Maggie Hill

she was just about a mile from pops moonshine still

When mom and I would find ourselves alone

We knew pop had found old Maggie home

and they were drinking that mash

and talking that trash

Now mom knew what was goin' on I know

but she wasn't about to let it show

I knew she wasn't goin' after pop today

cause tomorrow he gets some money from the WPA

but he would spend it on mash

so he could talk that trash

But Friday night mom took the shotgun down

Heard a noise from the valley and looked all around

It won't be long till that noise would stop

that sawed-off for me (cried out a pop)

'cause he was drinking that mash

and talking that trash

they said pop didn't have the chance of a mouse

cause that sawed-off tore away half of the house

and the judge told mom "it's funny to me

they'd bring you into court with such a plea"

'cause he was drinking that mash

and talking that trash

Now if I know pop and where he's at

he's still totin' sugar and a getting fat

he just looks over and says "let her burn,

while me and old Satan bend another worm."

so we can drink that mash

and talk that trash

so we can drink that mash

and talk that trash


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