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Life That Chose Me chords - Fortytwenty

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                FortyTwenty - Life That Chose Me

G                       C
Three in the morning my eyes wide open
G                            C
There's not a lot in here to see
G                               C
Too much thinkin and not enough drinkin
G          D               G
That's the life that chose me

I don't know really what I want
Life ain't as obvious as it seems
I got a little lady and I hate to keep here waiting
That's the life that chose me

I don't know why
Can't say why
D                 G
Why really must I be
G                   C
Kind of a simple perplexed situation
G          D               G
That's the life that chose me

I work daily eight to five in the evening
But it don't do that much for me
But I go there every day and I keep on getting paid
That's the life that chose me

Someday I'll move out of here
To the mountains or the sea
But I say that everyday and it's the same thing anyway
That's the life that chose me


You should come over some time
We'll play music in the street
You could sing some country songs and I'll just play along
That's the life that chose me


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