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Thank You Lord For The Sun chords - Foster Martin Band

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Foster Martin Band Sheet music
Thank You Lord For The Sun
Foster Martin Band

NOTE: In the intro you can substitute the "C9b5" with a "c" and the
"Gmaj7" with a "G"


| D | D | C9b5 | C9b5 | Gmaj7 | Gmaj7 | D | D |


| D | D | C | C | D | F#m | G | G | Em | Em |
| D | D | C | C | D | F#m | G | G | Em | Em |


| C | C | D | D | C | C | G | A | A |


| D | D | F#m | F#m | G | A | 
| D | D | F#m | F#m | G | G | Em | A |

REPEAT: Intro > Verse > Bridge > Chorus > Intro (out)

You could tell his back was sore
As he come walking through the door
He kissed Momma, he sat down for supper
At his usual place
Then we’d bow our heads for grace
He was up before the crack of dawn
Before you knew it he was out and gone
Out working the land
Because you know thats what his daddy did
And Grandpa taught him when he was a kid

Sunday morning rolled around
Daddy took us to the church in town
I’d sit beside him and I’d watch him pray
I’d love to listen to the things he’d say

Thank you lord for the sun
For giving life to the seeds I sow
It’s the only life I know
Thanks again for the rain
For giving hope to the work I do
And it’s all because of you
So when my days are done
Thank you lord for the sun

Break (intro)
Time would pass Daddy’s calling came
I would have to carry on his name
I’d have some mighty big shoes to fill
On that family tree
I knew he was watching me
Now I’m up before the crack of dawn
Before you know it I’m out and gone
I’m out working the land 
But I think about him now and then
I can still remember when

Bridge Chorus
Outro (intro) 

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