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Big Mabel Murphy chords - Dallas Frazier

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Here are the Lyrics and progression to Big Mabel Murphy. I saw the
request about the same time I was having a craving to hear the tune
myself. Unfortunately, my phono was disabled. So, with a new cartridge I
was able to get the goods. Dallas Frazier Wrote and recorded the tune. I
have it on the album: Dallas Frazier  "My Baby Packed Up My Mind and
Left Me"  LSP4569   Copyright 1971.  They don't make'em like this
anymore. The song was recorded in F and makes two modulations ending in
G. It's a great tune

(F)  Way back in '29    somewhere in (Dm)Coffeeville
  was a (Bb)honkytonk named (C7)Big Mabel (F)Murphy's
  She had a sweetheart   named Little (Dm)Melvin
  and (Bb)hair would fly be(C7)tween them every (F)night.

(F)  They say little Melvin     got wild on (Dm)bathtub gin
  'cause it (Bb)made him grow to (C7)almost twice his (F)size
  He'd try to take over   and sass Big (Dm)Mabel
  and her (Bb)great big fists would (C7)black Little Melvin's (F)eyes

(F#)  Big Mabel Murphy    she loved Little (D#m)Melvin
  but he (B)never did learn to (C#7)do just what she (F#)said
  'cause poor Little Melvin   Woke up every (D#m)mornin'
  with (B)two black eyes and (C#7)knuckle bumps on his (F#)head    

  Then late one rainy night     Scarface Luzi(D#m)ova
  came (B)in and started (C#7)shovin' folks a(F#)round
  Big Mabel Murphy    worked back in the (D#m)kitchen
  so (B)just for fun he (C#7)shot Little Melvin (F#)down

(G)  Early next mornin'   down by the (Em)river
  Scar(C)face Luziova was (D)found real short of (G)breath
  They say that Scarface   had died from a (Em)whuppin'
  he had (C)two black eyes and (D)knuckle bumps on his (G)head

  (G)Big Mable Murphy's Place    raved on un(Em)til she died    
  and they (C)say sometimes a (D)tear would fill her (G)eye
  and then she'd whisper     "Lord I'd give (Em)anything
  if (C)once more I could (D)black Little Melvin's (G)eyes"

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