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Through The Eyes Of A Fool chords - Lefty Frizzell

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Lefty Frizzell Sheet music
Through The Eyes Of A Fool
Lefty Frizzell

(Capo 1st. Fret)
The Song was recorded in the Key of c)

C          G7                  F   G7    C
I'll keep looking through the eyes of a fool.

C                                           G7
If I see someone hold her tight that's all right they're just dancing
              F             G7        C
If they're together in the moonlight they're just talking not romancing
                         G7               F                   Dm   
If I see her out with someone it's just some old friend from school 
               G7                F   G7    C
That's how it looks through the eyes of a fool.

C                                          G7
If her phone rings and she whispers I can talk now I don't care 
            F                G7         C
A private matter and she'd better not discuss it with me there 
                         G7           F               Dm   
If I see her smile at someone that's not breaking any rule 
                G7               F    G7    C
That's how it looks through the eyes of a fool. 

 C              F                    C 
They say that seeing is believing, believe me it's not true
          D                               G7               
You can teach your eyes to only see the things you're wantin' to 
        C                              G7             Dm  
So I'd rather keep pretending like a little child in school 
               G7                 F    G7    C
And now keep looking through the eyes of a fool. 

             G7                 F   G7    C
I'll keep looking through the eyes of a fool...

(Note: c7 can be added to lead into the f cord at 
beginning of the third verse)

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