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A Long Way To Fall chords - Mary Gauthier

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Mary Gauthier Sheet music
A Long Way To Fall - Mary Gauthier

I felt the flames on my face
       A                                  D
When I found the nerve to meet your eyes, so green
I stumbled towards your elegance
  E                          A
I tumbled, wide awake into a dream
And there you stood, so beautiful
A                      D
Destiny seduces, after all
I fell into the fire
E                    A
That's a long way to fall

You gave me strength to speak
When my voice was weak and words were hard to find
Your faith in me was solid and
it stood me up when I couldn't steady mine
All those times I cried at night
You promised me it'd be all right
You held me while my demons danced and crawled
I fell into your open arms
That's a long way to fall

  G  D        A
A long way to fall
  G  D        A
A long way to fall

I never should have drifted
I never should have left you all alone
I don't know what comes over me
Looks like I'll always be
the troubled kid that runs away from home
I reached for you the other night
You rolled away and moved against the wall
I fell into the space between us
That's a long way to fall


I got no one to hold on to and
I'm sinking slowly to my knees
I might learn to pray down here
or maybe I'll beg you baby, please
But you stare at me with marble eyes
And I don't think I've ever felt this small
I've fallen out of your good graces
That's a long way to fall


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