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I Overlooked An Orchid chords - Mickey Gilley

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Mickey Gilley Sheet music
This great honky tonk tune, teaches a lesson of life as most country songs do. It was recorded by Mickey 
Gilley in the key of G. I play bass guitar, so I put in the places for the bass walk-ups to the next 
chord. In Nashville numbering the chords are 1=G, 4=C, 5=D.
    G           G           C               G (walk to 1)
The orchid is a flower that blooms so tenderly.
G                      G           D7    D (walkup 5 to 1)
It thrills the fairest lady of the land. 
   G               G        G (walk 1-4)
If placed beside a blushing rose, 
    C                 G
The rose could not compare.
    G               D7        G     G (walk to 1)
But how was such as I, to understand.

  G             G (walk 1-4)  C              G
I overlooked an orchid while searching for a rose.
    G             G              D7    D (walk 5 to 1)
The orchid that I overlooked was you.
    G               G (walk 1-4)      C              G
The rose that I was searching for has proved to be untrue. 
    G             D7               G     (walk to 1)       
The orchid that I find my dear was you.

Instrumental    G D G G (walk to 1)

    G                 G (walk 1-4)   C                G
The rose has lost its color, but the orchid stays the same.
    G            G                 D7     D(walk 5-1)
And I'm alone to face these lonely years.
  G              G (walk 1-4)  C             G
I didn't see the orchid, I was looking for a rose. 
    G             D7                G    G (walk to 1)
And now I pay the price with bitter tears.


So get the CD and start playing along. New bass players, I play the 
walkups this way. Walk 1-4 1,2,3,4, so in G its G,A,B,C. 
Walk 5-1  5,4,3,2, so D,C,B,A. Walk to 1, on the D string, D,E,F# and 
G on 4th string, 5,6,7,8 or 1. 

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