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I Can't Keep From Talking chords - Golden Smog

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                Verse 1
[A]hey ain't it great for[G] us to be a[D]live
[A]I've been lying in wait for[G] you to come out[D]side
[Em]I know you don't know me but I [A]know a lot about [D]you
[Em]you're the one who knows me [A]better than I [D]do

Repeat Intro ( once )

Verse 2
[A]when I get back home I'm [G]gonna put your records [D]on
[A]I play 'em way too loud and[G] I'll sing a[D]long
[Em]I know all the words to [A]every song[D]
[Em]and I don't really care but [A]tonight you sang one [D]wrong

[Em]and I can't keep from [A]talking
[Em]I can't keep from [A]talking about you [Em A D]
[Em]and I just wanted to [A]thank you
[Em]thank you for [A]doing what you do [Em A D]

[F#m]I wanted to tell the [G]world a [D]little bit about myself
[F#m]realize my [G]feelings and [D]put them on a shelf
[Em]then jump out the window so you'd [A]all know what it's [D]about
[Em]'cause I can't [A]be there to help you figure it [D]out

[Em]and I can't keep from [A]talking
[Em]I can't keep from [A]talking about you [Em A D]
[Em]and I just wanted to [A]thank you
[Em]thank you for [A]doing what you do [Em A D] 

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