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Manheim Station chords - Gougers

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                Manheim Station
The Gougers

      Bm                                   A                Bm 
There is a place that hides its face just this side of the sun
        Bm                                   A        Bm 
You can get there in your bad dreams or down Highway 21
    Bm                                      A            Bm 
The wind, it burns your skin and blows them tumbleweeds around
       Bm                             A                Bm
And it mixes with the humming of that lonesome highway sound

When youre just a poor boy you do just what your told
And you watch the taillights shine up off the blacktop on the road
St. Christopher, release me from this captive spell, I pray
And send me down a blackbird for to haul my soul away

         G                                 D
When you work at Manheim Station, you know life moves pretty slow
     A                                             Bm     
That sunll beat you down like a stepchild and you got nowhere to go
         G                                D
You just fill them cars with gasoline and look for things to do
          A                                           Bm
While you wait all day for a pretty little thing like you

Ive seen the rain come down and I have braved the cold
And Ive watched the world pass by me from the side of the road
Ive seen the old folks come to waste their days in groves like old oak trees
And Jack, I swear to Kerouac, that wont happen to me


One day east of Manheim, the sun will cease to rise
Lightning bolts will swarm the air and clouds will fill the skies
Im gonna wait till they aint lookin and Ill slip out with the wind
And swim o-er to that golden shore and not come back again



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