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Beckett's Back 40 chords - Rio Grand

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                Beckett's Back 40
By Rio Grand

        G        C        G
In Knox County nobody was famous
       G            C             G 
Just a map dot that people passed thru
     G         C          G 
Everybody grew corn and tomatoes, yeah
   G        D         G
At least as far as we knew

        G          C   G
Old man Beckett on 200 acres
     G          C          G
G             C           G  
Just like the rest of our neighbors 
   G               D           G
He seemed like the salt of the earth

       C        F             C 
But we all knew something was different
         G                      D
When the market hit bottom that year
          G           C          G 
While the rest of the county was starvin'
   Em        D              G 
He brought a brand new John Deere

     G          C            G
Well that rumor mill started churning
G           C         G
Down at the Lucky Dog Cafe
       G               C            G 
And it spread thru our church congregation
     G          D            G
When he threw a grand in the plate

        C     F            C
Had his lotto numbers gone lucky
   G                      D
Or did some rich relative die
         G               C          G
Where on God's earth did he get the money
        G            D        G
And who installed that Jacuzzi outside

Key change to A

One night after fishin with all of the fellas
   A                      F#m
Curiosity got the best of us
So we crept thru his corn rows with flashlights and high hopes
   A            E            F#m
To see what the truth really was
             E            D             A
Till we were stopped by a shot from his gun, run

   A            D       A 
We scattered in every direction
A           D        A 
Grateful to get out alive
     A             D               A
What happened that night was never mentioned
         A   E      A
Till the day fate arrived

     D   G           D 
With helicopters and squad cars
        A                      E
They completely surrounded his place
     A        D          A 
They cut down all of his cash crops
      F#m           E            A 
I can still see the shame on his face

        D           G            D  G-D
As they hauled him away in those handcuffs
    A                         E
For growin' what he shouldn't grow
         A          D                A     
He said "Careful kids one day you'll end up
F#m         E              A
Reapin' the seeds that you sew

In Knox county nobody was famous
Just a map dot that people passed thru
Everybody grew corn and tomatoes, yeah
At least as far as we knew

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  1. Grand Rio - Beckett's Back 40 Chords

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