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Buxahatchee chords - Grayson Heights

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                 Written by:  John Roberson, and Donconway

   E      G       A    E      G     A     E   G   A       E   G  A 

  E                    G              A
   I was raised in tha' country on my grandaddy's land  and
   E            G         A          
   it was passed down from hand to hand
   E               G             A
   we had a shotgun shack on the edge of a track and
     E         G              A
   a moonshine still that sit way in tha' back
   E                        G
   we use to sneak out on a friday night
     A                                  STRUM A.....
   hit the dirt road and enjoy the ride.........

  G                             A
   All them girls use to want to know
  G                          A
   what's at the end of that long dirt road

       E                D
   Well I'm proud    of where I'm from 
   it aint no shame to me
      E                 D
   down in a holler or back in tha' woods
   there aint no place that I'd rather be
               E                      D
   I'm haulin' shine  -   I'm haulin' smoke 
   either way you know that we're gonna choke
   G                          A
   gettin' footloose and fancy free
   G                         A
   don't ya know the law want never catch me
              E         D       A             E           D      A
   down in Buxahatchee              down in Buxahatchee

  E   G                A
   My grandaddy taught me how to drive
   E      G             A
   and my grandma taught me how to stay alive
   E                           G
   I learnt how to shine from my old man
   now I'm running it from town to town again
  E                                    G
   I got in a brawl with the law down in Alabam'
   now that's one damn cop that'll never be found

  G                                 A
   Mind your own damn business and stay the hell out of mine
  G                                      A
   it's a foot race a high speed chase - back to the Georgia line

  Repeat chorus:

Grayson Heights ChordsGrayson Heights Lyrics

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Grayson Heights
Buy Grayson Heights CD

  1. Grayson Heights - Buxahatchee Chords

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